Today's Vintage, Tomorrow's Antique. Invest in Beauty and Character.

Europetastetic is about bringing the beautiful European lifestyle and culture closer to you.

Selling to more than 30 countries, with extensive carefully curated collections of Mid Century, Urban Rustic, Industrial Design, Retro Finds, Farm House and Boho Chic Decor.

Who's behind Europetastetic?
Up until now, Europetastetic is still a one woman show, yes... except from the "head-ache maker" accountant, the talented people from and the postal service work force world wide... it only me,  Zie... the artist, the #wanderlust heart with a #gypsysoul.

Why Vintage?
Vintage is more than simply an old style, for me it's a life style. #vintagelife is about:

Preserving... Preserving culture, preserving heirlooms, characters, history, stories of others that will be a part of mine and hopefully yours.

ining... using vintage items means participating in green living. Show mother earth some love.

Vintage is Art.  Every item is #OOAK , the design and material might be the same, but the condition, patina, weathered and used signs are different on every piece. You, your self become an artist by choosing to see all these beauty charms and place them in your space and sometime even add more creativity by repurposing.

All vintage items are source responsibly from Western Europe. I use mostly public transportations, my vintage bike or if it's absolutely needed The GreenWheels.
Europetastetic packaging are mostly made of recyclable materials and for shipping safety I also acquired reused materials from local companies.